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Points in between

Walking has always been central to my artistic practice, as well as selectively collecting detritus in the street, be it negatives, photographic prints, pieces of paper, or other artefacts that illustrate how we as city dwellers relate to our tumultuous visual stimuli. Walking has also been a way of utilising that time which would otherwise be artistically unproductive, and means that in the time spent travelling to and from work, I can feel that I am contributing to my photographic projects. 

The motivation for the project Points in between wasn't originally well defined. It unfolded almost accidentally, filling a space caused the sharp decline in domestic film usage. As well as accumulating an array of found items (drawings, shipping lists, etc.), I started using a small 35mm compact camera on my journeys around London. I combined my found items and my black and white photographs in this series. The combinations and juxtapositions suggested themselves; similarities or coincidences informed the final configuration. 

More images soon

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